Course Outline:

Over the past decade, eXtreme Programming practices like User Stories, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Behaviour Driven Developer (BDD), Refactoring, Continuous Integration, Exploratory Testing and Automation have fundamentally changed how testers work.

The industry has quickly realised that “inspection is wasteful” and the real value a tester can provide to teams is to help them to stop the bugs from getting in the first place, rather than just reporting bugs after they've been introduced.

This workshop offers a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to help testers make this transition via interactive discussions, multimedia content, hands-on exercises and quizzes.

We'll demonstrate the overall agile lifecycle and how testers can contribute to mistake-proof the process. We'll also explore the foundations of exploratory testing with the help of various patterns, strategies and your platform specific agile automation tools & techniques. Participants will understand how Agile Testing simplifies building high quality product faster.

Course Contents:

1. What is Agile Testing

2. Advantages of Agile Testing

  • Agile Testing Saves Time and Money
  • Less Documentation
  • Regular feedback from the end user
  • Daily meetings can help to determine the issues well in advance

3. Principles of Agile Testing

  • Testing is NOT a Phase
  • Testing Moves the project Forward
  • Everyone Tests
  • Shortening Feedback Response Time
  • Clean Code
  • Reduce Test Documentation
  • ​Test Driven

4. Best Practices in Agile Testing

  • Automated Unit Tests
  • ​Test Driven Development
  • Automated Regression Tests
  • Exploratory Testing

Teaching Instructor:

Mr.Harikrishnan D,

QA Engineer,
SPAN Technology Services Private Limited.

Who can Attend:

  • Primary: Testers, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Sr. Programmers, Architects
  • Secondary: Technical Managers, Technical Writers, User Experience Designers
  • Faculty Members and Students who are interested in learning New Technologies

Duration and Venue:

September 29th Saturday (9.30 AM - 3.30 PM)

Paruv Digital Services,
No.2A, Shringar Nagar Extn,
II Cross East, Bharathi Colony,
Peelamedu, Coimbatore - 641 004.

Workshop Fee:

The Workshop Fee will be 300 for Students.

The Workshop Fee will be 500 for Professionals.


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