Course Outline:

In this course you will be introduced to the basic ideas behind the data structures. you can also learn about the real time implementation of the data structures in projects. In this course we are going to focus on data structures concepts such as linear data structures, non linear data structures and also on sorting and searching algorithms in detail with the real time example for each and every concepts.

Course Contents:

1. Linear Data Structures: List, stack and queue:

  • Abstract data type (ADT).
  • List implementation (array and linked list).
  • Single, Double and Circular linked list.
  • Application of List (Polynomial operations).
  • Stack and Queue ADT- Operations and Applications.
  • Dequeue Concepts and Circular queue.
  • Real Time Applications of List, Stack and Queue.

2. Non Linear Data Structures, Sorting and Searching Algorithms:

  • Tree ADT- Tree traversals.
  • Applications of tree, binary tree.
  • Binary search tree, AVL tree, B tree, B+ tree.
  • Heap Applications.
  • Graph ADT.
  • Representation of graph, graph traversals.
  • Topological sort, Bi connectivity, Euler circuits.
  • Real Time Applications of Graph and Tree.
  • Various Sorting, Searching and Hashing Techniques.

Teaching Faculty:

Mr.Prasanth P.K,

Lead Software Engineer,
SPAN Technology Services Private Limited.

Mr.Raguvaran D,

Lead Software Engineer,
SPAN Technology Services Private Limited.

Mr.Prabhakarraj E,

Senior Compliance Analyst,
Paruv Digital Services.

Who can Attend:

As this FDP is based on computers , the Faculty from Computer Science, Information Technology (Anna University Affiliated Colleges) can attend.

Duration and Venue:

June 4th to June 7th (10.00 am - 3.00 pm)

SPAN Technology Services Pvt Ltd,
Zenith Building,
International Tech Park,
CSIR Road, Taramani,
Chennai - 600113

Workshop Fee:

The Workshop Fee will be 999 for each Participant.


Not Applicable

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